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CEO & Founder

Nationality: German
Lives in: Cambridge, UK
Once upon a time he rowed and coxed, now he runs to action films in the kitchen. A busy dad and podcast addict. Please meet the King of Gifs, our fearless leader.

Advisor & Co-Founder

Nationality: Dutch
Lives in: Cambridge, UK
Our Flying Dutchmen is always on the move to see family abroad, make new discoveries in far away places, or tidying his son’s toys away in the living room. He’s passionate about product development, and chocolate sprinkles on toast.

CTO & Co-Founder

Nationality: British
Lives in: Ely, UK
Darryl loves to share his coding knowledge with others, he’s even had a few technical books published! His playtime is split between watching Liverpool FC and having tea parties with their little daughter. When he needs a break, Darryl escapes into Virtual Reality.

Senior iOS Developer & Team Lead

Nationality: Polish
Lives in: Krakow, PL
Got his motorcycle license, led our premier on the App Store, and married his sweetheart. Not bad for 2020.

iOS Developer

Nationality: Italian
Lives in: Venice, IT
From beaches to mountains or la cucina de mama; he’ll join our Zoom calls from anywhere. 

Junior Android Developer

Nationality: Romanian
Lives in: London, UK
Former dentist fuelled by coffee and gypsy tunes; reads South American literature for fun. Her Friends knowledge is unrivaled. 

Marketing Operations Manager

Nationality: British
Lives in: Cambridge, UK
Sometimes sporty, always a foodie, dances as badly as she sings. Daydreaming traveller who will gladly pet-sit for food.

Product Developer

Nationality: Iranian
Lives in: Teheran, IR
Reluctant muggle who loves all things, Harry Potter, most frequently spotted with his nose in a good book. Magical or otherwise.

Senior Android Developer & Team Lead

Nationality: Hungarian
Lives in: Szeged, HU
A man of few words. He likes beer and he likes hiking, simple. Snowdon National Park in Wales is one of his favourite places to go.

Junior JavaScript Developer

Nationality: British
Lives in: Buckingham, UK
George spends his summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, laughing until he cries! When he’s not hitting the keyboard, he plays the drums, guitar or piano. George is also dreaming of one day creating the perfect sourdough bread loaf.

UI/UX Web Designer

Nationality: Iranian
Lives in: Teheran, IR
Sana loves the interaction between design and human behaviour. She’s also a big fan of plants (not just to eat) and fantasises about living in a forest treehouse. But the squirrels she sent out to deliver her designs to us have proven unreliable. So for now she’s stuck with civilisation. Fortunately, that includes her remote yoga classes.

Web Developer

Nationality: Hungarian
Lives in: Dunakeszi, HU
Balazs likes to take things apart just to understand how they work – he’s quite tidy though and puts them back together too. Mostly. He’s your guy for deep conversations about the world we live in, or just to have a laugh over pizza, coffee or beer.

Junior Web Developer

Nationality: Indian
Lives in: Derby, UK
An artist, aspiring chef and nature lover, Shabna is a wanderlust at heart. She dreams of the rubbly, rugged mountain paths that lead to the mighty Himalayas – crossing them on a vintage Royal Enfield Bullet motor bike.

Junior Web Developer

Nationality: French & Iranian
Lives in: Edinburgh, UK
An entrepreneurial spirit, seeking new insights and perspectives about the world around him. Maybe that’s why he’s rearranging his computer setup each day. Ever the optimist, Saman is always looking up. That’s helping him to improve his badminton game – and once even to spot the sun in the Edinburgh sky.

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